Our Masonite board is suitable for painting, die cutting, panel processing and bending.  Perforating, shaping, routing, and gluing are some other industrial applications that can be performed on our Masonite hardboard panels.  Our Masonite hardboard panels come with a lifetime warranty, in many different sizes and choices of color.  Get your Masonite board today by contacting us or fill out our RFQ form.  Masonite board is an excellent addition to any application that you work on. 

Masonite Hardboard Panels and Masonite Insulation Boards

Our Masonite hardboard panels and Masonite insulation boards are made only from virgin fibers such as eucalyptus and pine.  This assures uniform quality on our board for your manufacturing process.  Our warehouse is well stocked with Masonite for just in time delivery with 4’ and 5’ wide sheet stock in lengths of 4’ to 12’ in all conventional calipers.

We also do customization for shape and color on our Masonite board.  Contact us at D & M Lumber or fill out our RFQ form.  We can help you with all your Masonite needs.

We also have smooth two sides hardboard and arauco hardboard.